Kin & Company is the Brooklyn design practice of cousins Joseph Vidich, a Columbia University-trained architect with a deep knowledge of metalworking and fabrication, and Kira de Paola, an interior designer with a background in high-end furniture.

After years of refining their edgy aesthetic, Kin & Company’s premiere collection debuted in 2017 at the fairs Sight Unseen OFFSITE and WantedDesign, where they received immediate attention for their sculptural, lifelike pieces. Their Thin Series was selected as an NYCxDesign finalist in the Made in the Boroughs category, and was name-checked by Dezeen, while their Crescent Table landed them on Sight Unseen’s American Design Hot List, ”an unapologetically subjective editorial award for the names to know now,” and a veritable who’s who of independent designers.

Grounded in precision and strong attention to detail, their latest collections expand on the themes first presented in their Thin and Crescent series to push the limits of steel even further. Inspired by the overlapping circles, arcs and planes of Russian Constructivism, they take simple, fundamental geometry and find moments to subvert the form in order to create kinetic and expressive objects.

Continual exploration is key to Kin & Company’s creative practice, which thrives on material experimentation, including their developing body of research into oxidation and patinas as a distinct surface treatment. Akin to watercoloring, the process uses metal as a canvas, applying chemical catalysts to accelerate the natural oxidation of the material. The results capture the fluid and ephemeral movement of molecules to create a distinct pattern.

Kin & Company’s dramatic, curvilinear transformations of metal and their rich surface textures bring forward a fresh and multi-layered approach to minimalist design.


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